Andrew Keung

Library and Culture

initial cover image animated by WooJin Chung.


Library and Culture

Brooklyn Cultural Incubator - GSAPP Core II Public Library Studio 2017

The library is a building type that is formless, it evolves to fit the needs of culture and community. This library is developed in response to the rise of multiculturalism as the norm in Brooklyn, NY. It seeks to incubate an attitude of awareness and inclusivity,

a play between a curve and a line...

Thoughtful programmatic adjacencies create a microcosm of culture, creativity and learning.

This is an illustrative diagram outlining vertical and core circulations as well as proposed usage of floor areas. The result is a rather heterogenous solution of exploration, inspiration, performative and meeting spaces.

ak3966 PROGRAM final copy.jpg

click on the image to scroll through these vignettes that proceed through the library


Nothing in the city happens in a vacuum.

Urban Culture as a result should be aware and involved in the multiplicity of the surrounding community. Library spaces are created to peer curiously into one another. This serves to create vastly different environments that are spatially aware of the neighboring spaces. 


When considering the formal language of the building, the Line is always aware of the Curve and the Curve of the line. Because of this awareness of each other, volumes are created, and bound together by surface interactions.

The nature of the curve and the line allow for use of common structural elements that come together to support volumes and spaces. A simple system of stacking wall elements allow for the building to be structurally viable.